Are you ready for clarity, clients and cash?

Creating visual models using the Think RAPT® system is a fast-track to clarity, clients and cash. 

It really is a GAME CHANGER!

I created this course because many people have been reading my book "Game Changer" and creating their models in isolation. Creating models in isolation is NEVER ideal. Not even for me - and it's my zone of genius!

So, this course gives you access to the full process we use with our Authority Accelerator clients, so that you can create your models and then have the feedback you need to ensure they're the highest quality. 

You'll need about 7.5 hours to work through my proven step-by-step system, to create the four visual models you need in your Think RAPT® system the RIGHT WAY. 

With guided videos and worksheets, you'll have everything you need to extract your models the right way.

Oh hold on... you will have to BYO post-it notes and coloured markers! I'm not throwing those in!

And the most important part of this whole package is the feedback. So after you've extracted your models, you jump into a 1:1 zoom session with a Think RAPT® Certified Specialist, to work through your models and get the feedback you need. You'll walk away KNOWING they totally rock!

And don't worry... this course will show you EXACTLY how to prepare your models for your session. I even give you a template slide deck to edit, so that you have something to present before you go to your graphic designer. 

So you just need to sign up, lock in your zoom session, work through the steps and turn up to show your Certified Specialist what you've got (and they'll do the rest). 


Think RAPT® system, here you come!


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Only USD $795.

Given that your visual models become the basis of your whole business model and product funnel, it really is a no-brainer. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • 00 Welcome

    • Book Your Zoom Feedback Session

    • Prerequisites for the Zoom Session

    • Copyright

    • Are You Getting the Results You Want?

    • The Think RAPT System

    • 5 Stage Process to Create Your Models

    • Benefits of a Think RAPT System at the Core of Your Business

  • 2


    • Market Research

    • Stage 1: Clarify - Overview & Workbook

    • Where?

    • Who?

    • Why?

    • DEEP WHY Hot Seat (Contains Video)

    • What?

  • 3


    • Stage 2: Extract Overview and Workbook

    • Results Model (Previously Excite Model)

    • Results Model Hot Seat (Contains Video)

    • Answers Model (Previously Success Model)

    • Answers Model Hot Seat (Contains Video)

    • Process Model (Previously Educate Model)

    • Process Model Hot Seat (Contains Video)

    • Target Model (Previously Yes Model)

    • Target Model Hot Seat (Contains Video)

  • 4


    • Stage 3: Presentation Script & Checklist

    • Preparing for Your Zoom Session

    • Renee's Example Pitch Presentation

    • Attend Your Zoom session

  • 5


    • Stage 4: Instructions & Workbook

  • 6


    • Stage 5: Create

    • Think RAPT Graphic Design Package

    • Instructions for Sending Your Models to a Graphic Designer

  • 7


    • Weekly or Monthly Program

    • Online course

    • Social Media and Blog Post Mapping

    • Corporate Half Day workshop

    • Half day workshop

    • Stop Start Continue

    • Promo Posts

    • Webinars & Free Training

    • Systemising Client Care

    • How to Turn Powerpoint into Video

    • Miro Boards

    • Mapping out your book

  • 8


    • Case Study Jenny De Lacy

    • Case Study Mary Wong

    • Case Study Francesca Moi

  • 9


    • Thank You

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Access begins once payment is made.